Trauma Informed & TBRI Training


Let me tailor training to your learners. Training  can be in person, onsite or virtually over an hour or for several days. Let us know who we are training, what your needs are and the time frame you have available and let us customize your training.

Implementation Coaching


Moving your organization or community in a trauma informed direction is a big job.  Let me partner with you to design a strategic implementation plan designed to meet the needs of your individual or community.

Innovative Instructional Design & Micro Learning


Train your audience through  innovative "drip learning." We are  constantly on the go and find it hard to find time for in person training. Let us help capture the attention of your audience with meaningful Trauma Informed Care training from anywhere that can be completed in minutes! 

Is Trauma Informed Care Training just for the Foster Care and Adoption Communities?


Trauma Informed Care training can benefit the foster care & adoption communities . Training is meaningful both to  foster & adoptive parents and those who support them such as attorneys, case workers, judges, CASA Advocates, therapists, those who work in Residential Treatment Facilities, teachers and school counselors.  

Is Trauma Informed Care Training applicable in other settings?


Trauma Informed Care training can empower those who work in many different settings. Trauma Informed Care training can benefit those that work in the health care industry, those that serve those going through a divorce, law enforcement, teachers, school counselors, juvenile justice, women's shelters and more.  I can tailor resources and training for the specific population you are trying to reach.

Does your training include TBRI?


Yes, I am a TBRI Practitioner and will utilize TBRI resources during training. I also utilize my nursing background to include training in ACES, toxic stress and physiological changes. As an adoptive mother I will share many real world examples of how TBRI and Trauma Informed Care have impacted my family personally.